Nowadays we see companies making the shift from one off billing for Products to recurring billing for Services. This shift has a major impact on the way they manage their business. Other entrants start in the IoT area with totally new services that require new, non-standard billing modules. Our unique Service Billing Engine (Teleena IoT Bill) supports all kinds of ‘as-a-service’ business models.


Fully managed service

Managed by you through clear SLAs and professional support we offer billing as a service. No need for your company to worry about this.

Finance process & systems integration

We will integrate the service seamlessly into your company’s finance processes and systems. Dunning, credit checking and collections all provided by the best in class agencies in your territories.


Solid process, flexible solution,expert team

Our very solid billing practice is built on a very flexible billing system. Add our expert billing team to the mix and you have the winning formula.

Multi-country, multi-currency, multi-everything

Billing has many dimensions that rapidly increase complexity. Multiple countries, currencies, VAT regimes, languages, payment practices, different agencies for Dunning, Collections, Payment Providers, Credit Checks are just a few of those dimensions. BILL can handle them all.

Auditable and secure

Regularly audited and checked for up to date security policies and implementation to provide piece of mind.

Integral part of our IoT Suite

BILL integrates seamlessly into our IoT Suite. This speeds up the end to end set up and also allows you to manage your related IoT costs (eg. Connectivity) for delivering your Service.


Long term billing flexibility

It is impossible to foresee all your billing needs up front. We are constantly evolving our service to provide you with the needed flexibility in the long run.

No upfront investment

A fully OPEX based solution is the basis of our service.

Faster time to market

Trying to adapt your current finance processes and systems for the service economy and keeping up to date is difficult, slow and expensive. IoT Bill can do the job for you. We have a team, system, process and integrations ready to enable a rapid service roll out.

Very competitive pricing

Our pricing for BILL is the best in the industry.


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