Connecting your Things to the Internet can be done in many different ways. Making the right choice means to balance the network technology and coverage, connectivity costs, battery life and operational considerations. Sometimes even hybrid solutions are best.


Single Management Platform

All of your connectivity managed in a single place no matter how many access options you are using. Comprehensive diagnostics and cost transparency. You can even create and manage your own price plans for (internal) re-billing.

Secure by design

We manage all of your credentials according to the best practices of the GSM industry and operate our own full mobile core network. We can make sure your data never traverses the internet but always stays on secure private networks. End to end!


GSM, LoRa, WiFi. All the connectivity you’ll ever need

GSM connectivity from a portfolio of Service Providers powered by SIM / eSIM with a truly global footprint. Additional 3rd party integration with Cisco/Jasper, VF/ GDSP and others already pre-integrated.

Single Management Portal, transparent Cost Management

A single portal to manage all of your IoT Connectivity across different Providers and Technologies (GSM, LoRa, WiFi et all). Transparent cost management and simple data integration and export. Full suite of APIs allows integration with your own systems.

Market leading pricing

Our portfolio of access deals and multi-IMSI technology allows us to provide the best price performance in the market. And we relentlessly pursue new deals to improve even further.

Integrated with Teleena IoT suite

Our IoT CONNECT is seamlessly integrated into our IoT Suite. Add Device management, Dashboards, Applications, Billing and more!


Expertly managed service

Our longstanding experience in managing a portfolio of access networks/providers and issue management is the foundation of our trouble free service. All backed up by 2nd/3rd line customer service and SLAs!

One stop shop

We will manage your connectivity portfolio, day in day out for years to come. Even if you prefer to “Bring your own network deal” we can take care of handling all operational issues. Allows you to focus on your business!

Customization possible

We are flexible and responsive to your needs to customize the service or our management portal.


How can we serve you?

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