Expertly managed platform

Building IoT solutions always requires customization and integration. With Teleena’s GRAIL, the intuitive graphical flow editor, even complex system integrations and deployment of complex logic can be done very fast. And without writing a single line of code. GRAIL is your perfect companion to quickly & intuitively create and run devices, APIs and online services in a highly reliable and performant environment.


Reliable execution

The logic execution runs on our 24x7 managed platform using container technology to allow for continuous deployments.

Secure by design

The managed platform is constantly kept up to date with all required security measures to ght the ever expanding threats in the IoT domain. Compliant with Nokia and Deutsche Telekom security standards.


Highly customizable tool

Customizable flows and nodes. High and low level. API integration.

Intuitive design tool

A blank canvas with building blocks. Just drag them onto the canvas, connect with a few clicks and Deploy! Up and running in no time!

Containerized deployment

Create as many GRAIL instances as you need. We handle secure deployment using container technology.

Integrated with Teleena IoT suite

IoT GRAIL is seamlessly integrated with our IoT Suite. A full suite of nodes that integrate with each of the other modules.


Expertly managed platform

Our longstanding Experience in managing a portfolio of telco grade platforms and issue management is the foundation of our trouble free service. All backend up by 2nd.3rd line customer service and SLA's!

Singly platform for all your IoT projects

Different IoT silo projects will result in manyoperational nightmare. Sercurity, Integration, Scalabillity, Support are just some of the headaches you can avoid using the industries best single best platform.

Self service with expert support

Our platform is completely self service. For those rare cases where further help is needed we have a team of expert-support engineers available to help.


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