Over the coming years, billions of objects and devices will be connected to different mobile data networks. One of the challenges of both service providers and device manufacturers is to onboard these devices on a network. Historically M2M SIMs are soldered or manually put in devices. Changing and/or removing of SIM card profiles is difficult, especially in remote solutions, labor intensive and thus costly.

    e-SIM for M2M/IoT

  • Flexibility
  • ‘As-a-Service’

    e-SIM for Track & Trace (transport)

  • Optimization connectivity
  • Securing assets

    e-SIM for personal devices

  • Flexibility
  • Global coverage

Key features

True global coverage

Access to all Mobile Operators. During the life time customers enjoy full flexibility in the selection of their connectivity provider. Supports swapping of entire fleet of enterprise devices once a new connectivity provider is selected. Easy and flexible management of enterprise devices and subscription (enable, disable, change and delete).

Multiple form factors supported

Based upon the specific customer need, delivery of MFF2, but also 2FF, 3FF and 4FF SIM cards. Single SKO that simplifies production and logistic chains.

Commercial model

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

New SIM profiles can be added to a customer’s portfolio without investment and/or operational hassle. Teleena takes care of the integration and management of new SIMs into our backend platforms.


Flexible low-cost subscription plans are available in multiple regions that exactly meet your requirements whether in a resell or complimentary model.

Bootstrap profile

A bootstrap profile is a guaranteed connectivity profile, based on the latest GSMA specs, that is always available on a connected device. This profile can facilitate the download of and migration to a new operational profile that will be used by an enterprise device or person. The bootstrap profile is also the fall back (guaranteed) profile when problems or faults occur. In case something goes wrong with an operational profile, the e-SIM will fall back to its bootstrap profile thus guaranteeing that assets will remain connected.

M2M/IoT & Consumer model

Our Teleena platform will provide e-SIM services for the M2M/IoT market to support the management of a complete fleet of SIM cards, (so-called push model). Teleena’s platform is also capable of providing e-SIM services in a consumer model, where the consumer is in control of the selection of an additional SIM or subscription on, for instance, its wearable device (so- called pull model).

Operational Profile

On top of the bootstrap profile, Teleena can provide a choice of downloadable operational profiles. Additional operational profiles can be integrated upon request. In some cases, the bootstrap profile can act as the operational profile. Operational profiles can be from Teleena, but practically could be from any mobile operator.




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