Teleena's customer, M2MBlue, providing mobile subscriptions for teenagers who need it the most

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 17 November 2017

Unfortunately, not all children in the Netherlands are able to participate in (outside) school activities, due to financial reasons. The foundation ‘Leergeld’ is committed to offering all these children the life they deserve, so that these children, just like their peers, are also able to develop their knowledge, skills, and self-esteem.

Teleena’s customer, M2MBlue, was able to contribute to one of the projects of ‘Leergeld’, in which students in social distress and who are in their first year of secondary education, received Smartphones with an M2MBlue subscription. “This project immediately caught our attention. Therefore we did everything within our power to make this is a success. We are very proud of the solution that we were able to provide to the ‘Leergeld’ foundation”, said Christian Westers, CEO M2MBlue.

For their subscriptions, M2MBlue is using Teleena’s connectivity. Kim Bybjerg, Teleena’s CEO, states: “Teleena is always happy to contribute to a better society and therefore we are glad that our services indirectly can support such an important foundation like ‘Leergeld’. For this reason, I would like to thank our customer M2MBlue, who eagerly worked to make this project a success.”

By using Teleena’s connectivity the students can rely on one of the largest connectivity areas in the market, with a global cellular footprint covering more than 600 networks in over 190 countries. 

About M2M Blue

M2MBlue is the global connectivity specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. From its IoT/M2M network-independent platform, the professionals at M2MBlue will manage your mobile networks, devices, Wi-Fi environments and other data solutions. We provide bespoke solutions by working with leading partners throughout Europe.

M2MBlue provides advanced data services that can be used to create wireless connections between equipment, machines, vehicles, and systems. Our connectivity solutions revolve around security, continuity, and connectivity. Information can be sent and received via GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, and HSUPA, while SMS and Voice are optional. Ultra-modern management systems safeguard all facets of our infrastructure.

M2MBlue believes in the power of good service and this is a key component of our business. We fully support our clients and will do everything possible to ensure them the best possible service. Our corporate culture focuses on reachability, accessibility, honesty, and openness. We also aim for clear communication to ensure an optimal relationship, now and in the future.

About Teleena

Teleena is a global IoT and MVNO enabler headquartered in the Netherlands, with regional offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore. Since its foundation in 2007, Teleena has been enabling companies with IoT and Mobile ambitions with a broad portfolio of products and services.

Teleena’s value proposition: We take the complexity out of connecting everything and everybody. It is our aim to allow our customers to seamlessly connect with all mobile operators worldwide and help them to realize their mobile connectivity and IoT ambitions. This allows customers to unleash new business, to grow revenue or to reduce costs.

Teleena’s service portfolio spans the entire IoT/Mobile spectrum from the core network (SIMs, GGSN/PGW, OCS/PCRF, HLR/HSS) to business support tools (Management Portal and APIs) in a highly scalable way.

Teleena’s roaming agreements provide 2G/3G/4G mobile access to 660 networks in 220 countries, as well 57 million global WiFi hotspots, LoRa and Sigfox network connectivity. 

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