Accelerating your Global IoT and Mobile Strategy

For the IoT Ecosystem

Our world-class service platform empowers the IoT revolution by connecting and securely managing countless devices across any network and connectivity technology. Globally.

For M(V)NOs

Our carrier-grade virtualized managed platform empowers M(V)NO’s to untap revenue streams by becoming more agile and cost effective. We manage your proposition.

Design, build and run IoT and mobile services

IoT and full mobile Platform-as-a-Service. Multi-operator, multi-radio

Short time to market, agility to continuously enable new business models

More than 1 million devices and people served on 5 continents


  • ziggo
  • voiamo
  • tvilight
  • travelsim
  • teleware
  • telesur
  • moodog
  • mic-o-data
  • knowroaming
  • emobiel
  • elux-mobile
  • dirkvandenbroek
  • dekamarkt
  • airfi
  • hollandsnieuwe
  • huawei
  • klm


  • spirent-tweakker
  • tatacommunications
  • vodafone
  • portingxs
  • oracle
  • newnet-mobile-communications
  • new-matrixx
  • levi-9
  • kpn
  • klm
  • ibasis
  • gemalto
  • dimension-data
  • dialogic
  • computaris
  • cisco
  • broadforward
  • bit-internet-technology
  • alcatel-lucent

Solutions for


Agility and cost effectiveness

Solutions for

M2M & IoT Ecosystem

Enabling solutions to manage and monetize your devices

Solutions for

Corporate MVNOs

Full control of your Enterprise mobility


Turn complexity into simplicity

Managing the myriad of technologies, platforms and ecosystem partners to accelerate your business

Global connectivity

Providing connected services globally. Out-of-the-box.  Built in at point of manufacture if needed

Integrated connectivity

Global interoperability and integration management between networks and technologies

Powerful platform

Fast deploy, cost effective and scalable platforms hosting all conceivable services for IoT and Mobility

Service enablement

Provisioning, proposition management, retail billing, retail payment and customer support: all through a single global portal

Agility to accelerate new business

Team and technology geared towards constantly enabling your new revenue streams and business models


Secure by design: fraud management, secured payload and exception alerts. Everything real-time

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