Teleena IoT Suite

The Teleena Internet of Things Suite has all the functionalities that enterprises need to build transformational IoT solutions and monetize new business models. Self-servicing capability and very flexible, a fully functional service can be set up in a matter of hours. From managed connected devices to billed service revenue. Managed and supported by the expert Teleena IoT team. The only thing the enterprise needs to bring is the device and sensor hardware.

Self-service Concept

The entire IoT Suite is self-service allowing the enterprise to rapidly build their IoT solutions on our IoT Suite.

Teleena IoT Suite

Teleena can offer an end-to- end IoT service for their customers from connectivity, management of devices, integration with third parties to billing of the IoT services. There is no need for our customers to negotiate with different partners for launching an IoT service. The Teleena IoT Suite consists of a number of components. Each of these can be used in isolation but obviously bring a lot more value when used as a well-integrated suite

Robust security

We're constantly updating our security policies across the entire IoT Suite as well as for each of the components. This Integral approach significantly reduces threats.


Benefits Teleena IoT services

Easy device onboarding with auto detection of device properties Guaranteed secure end 2 end network with all relevant modules
Real time insights through dashboard Technology, network and carrier agnostic
Fully managed services Service billing


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