MVNE services

Teleena has an admirable track record of serving MVNOs and data service providers in the consumer and enterprise markets. With its proven concept, it has helped MVNOs to make a successful entry into the mobile space. MNOs choose Teleena for its ability to launch second brand and new initiatives within months without disrupting their existing business. Teleena solely operates as a provider of wholesale services and is, therefore, not in competition with MVNOs for the end user market.

    Teleena's claim:

  • Your mobile brand can be launched within weeks. Short time to market
  • Low cost of entry to mobile market for both existing and new companies
  • Supported by leading edge network components from highly recognized market leaders as well as own proprietary OSS/BSS software stack
  • Global roaming coverage via multiple carriers
  • Own steering of roaming
  • Fully customized end-user service features (self-care, SMS/USSD notifications, voicemail prompts)


  • High level of customization possible
  • We support various commercial business models: Opex, Capex and Tailor made
  • Online charging for voice, SMS and data services
  • Support of all kinds of bundles and policy controls
  • Powerfull management portal and API suite
  • Retail billing


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